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The D-Series consist of a range of oil lubrication pumps for use in a multi-line system. Almost all pumps in the D-Series are mechanically driven, except for the DFG-M which is electrically driven.

The pumps in the D-Series are the central element of a multi-line oil lubrication system. Different oil containers can be individually attached to the pump.

• Compact design and therefore just a little mounting space needed
• Robust pump with long lifetime and low operating costs
• Available with mechanical or electrical drive and therefore suitable for many applications
• Up to 12 outlets with pairwise adjustable output

BEKA D-Series - Multi-Line Lubrication

    • System overview

      Hand crank
      The device can be equipped with a hand crank for prefilling long lines with lubricant before the device starts up.

      Set screws for output rate
      The piston stroke, and with that the output rate, can be adjusted with the set screw in the delivery piston (underneath the cap)

      The pump can be configured with up to 12 outlets with different hose connection types. Push to fit connectors provide an easy installation of the lubrication lines.

      Oil inlet
      The oil inlet is connected to an oil container via a hose. Different oil container sizes are available.

      Drive shaft
      The drive shaft puts the centrally positioned pump shaft and the cam disk with a gear into a rotating movement. This carries out the strokes of the delivery pistons. 

      Working principle

      The pump has a rotating, oscillating or electric actuation. The drive shafts puts the centrally positioned pump shaft and the cam disk with a gear into a rotating movement. This carries out the strokes of the delivery piston. In the pump body are circularly arranged max. 6 delivery pistons. They are controlled by the rotating movement of the pump shaft over a suction and pressure duct.

      During the suction stroke the pressure duct is closed and the delivery piston takes in oil from a connected reservoir over a suction duct. After the suction stroke has been finished, the pump shaft closes the suction duct by means of rotating movement and releases the pressure duct so that the oil is supplied under pressure to the lube point with the following piston stroke.

      During the suction stroke oil is being taken from an external oil reservoir on the machine, which is being pumped to the lubrication points with the following piston stroke.

      Pumps in the D-Series serve up to 12 lubrication points with one pump. The feed rate of the different lubrication points can be adjusted individually with the set screws in the delivery position.

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