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Universal heavy duty lubrication system.

  • The EP-1 is a tried-and tested grease pump for progressive lubrication systems.

    With reservoirs from 1.9 to 16 kg, different electronic control units and heavy duty components, the EP-1 is suitable for most mobile and stationary applications.

    The desmodromic actuation of the pump elements guarantees high operational reliability even with low temperatures or rigid grease.

    During the vehicle operation, the EP-1 central lubrication supplies each lube point with the necessary grease quantity - absolutely reliable, electronically precise controlled and exact metered. Each bearing receives the necessary lubricant quantity it needs. And everything without annoying downtimes!

BEKA EP-1 - Progressive Lubrication

  • The electronic control of the central lubrication is adapted to the operating conditions of the vehicle and activates the pump in defined intervals. The pump supplies grease via a main line to the distributors that forward the quantity to the individual bearing points. Due to the modular distributor designeacfriction point is supplied with the perfect lubricant quantity.

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