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  • The BEKA® ES-AS Series is a complete range of gear pumps to automatically lubricate lubrication points with fluid grease or oil. The ES-EA Series is a single-line system and is available with a wide range of reservoirs or as a gear pump only, without a reservoir.

BEKA ES/EA Series - Single Line Lubrication

    • Working principle
      The lubrication system is activated by an external control unit. The pump sucks the lubricant from the reservoir and supplies it into the line system until the pressure switch responds. The connected metering injectors pass on lubricant each time the pressure builds up. When the lubrication process has finished, pressure in the system is relieved via the pressure relieve valve. 

      The ES-EA Series systems are completed with the single line metering injectors DVB-1-2-3 or the Z31-DV.

      System overview 

      Gear pump

      All pumps in the ES-EA Series are equipped with a gear pump. The output rate differs between the ES and EA-range. The ES range has an output of 0,4 litre per minute, while the output for the EA range differs from 0,4 up to 2 litres per minute.

      Low level switch
      The low level switch protects the lubrication system and the machine which has to be lubricated against damage resulting from a lack of lubricant. Depending on the need, the low level switch can be used for switching off the lubrication system, the machine or for actuating a visual or audible alarm signal. 

      Filling and ventilation filter
      Filling the pump happens via the filling connection with an integrated filter at the top of the reservoir. Due to the filter the conveying medium is filtered from heavy contamination before it ends up in the reservoir.

      The reservoir of the ES-EA Series pumps is made of aluminium, steel, or transparent plastics. The aluminium and steel reservoirs are equipped with a level indicator to visualise the level of lubricant in the reservoir. 

      Reservoirs are available in varied sizes, ranging from 3 up to 30 litres.

      Optional oil drain screw
      All reservoirs are can be equipped with an oil drain screw at the bottom of the reservoir to enable easy drainage of the reservoir for maintenance, cleaning of the reservoir or replacement of the conveying medium.

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