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The BEKA® FKG-EP Series is a range of electrically actuated pumps with up to 8 lubrication outlets, depending on the pump type. The complete series contains a wide range of different pump types which are commonly used as a progressive lubrication system for a variety of industrial applications. The versatility of the system also makes it possible to set-up the system as a single line lubrication system.

The pumps in the FKG-EP Series are able to work with commercial greases from NLGI-000 up to NLGI-2.

BEKA FKG-EP Series - Progressive Lubrication

  • System overview

    Level monitor
    The FKG-EP range be equipped with an electronic grease level controller to monitor the minimum grease level.

    Lubrication systems in the FKG-EP range are equipped with either a plastic or steel reservoir with different capacities. All reservoirs are equipped with an agitator blade. The agitator blade pushes the lubricant into the suction area in the pump housing through a screen, preventing the lubricant from air bubbles. The agitator blade in transparent reservoirs also enable a visual check of the lubricant volume.

    Filing zerk
    The pump can be filled with a standard filling gun. The grease nipple can be replaced with a larger filler coupling or a straight

    Control unit

    The FKG-EP series differ in control type. Depending on the pump type, they are delivered with or without an integrated control unit in the bottom housing.

    The EP-tronic control unit offers you:
    • 3 control functions: time, distributor stroke or pump revolutions
    • Electronic monitoring of grease level, pump function, distributor function, line rupture and lubricant feeding
    • Integrated data logger with diagnosis module DiSys

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