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  • BEKA HAMAX hydraulic pumps guarantee the lubrication of hydraulicly operated attachments for construction and agricultural machinery which are suitable for use in combination with progressive distributors.

    The special design of the pumps allows to deliver lubricants with high solid content like chisel paste. No application is like an other.

    BEKA HAMAX offers tailor-made solutions, enabling ideal lubrication for each application. An ideal system to lubricate automatically hydraulic breakers, clamshell buckets, scrap shears, screening and crushing buckets, orange grapples and demolition grabs.

BEKA HAMAX - Progressive Lubrication

  • The hydraulically actuated grease pumps of BEKA HAMAX series are mainly used to lubricate hydraulic hammers or other hydraulic construction machinery attachments. Due to their compact design, they can be mounted directly on the attachment.

    Hammer lubrication can be divided into two different technologies:

    On the one hand, single-shot lubrication, in which an adjustable amount per stroke is pumped with each work cycle, and on the other hand, continuous lubrication with a hydraulic motor. These pumps continuously supply grease, reassuring optimal lubrication during the entire work cycle. 

    We offer a wide variety of HAMAX systems. Please get in touch with Groeneveld-BEKA to found out which system is best suited for your situation.

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