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The BEKA K-Series is a range of electromagnetic driven piston pumps with up to 6 lubrication outlets, used to lubricate with oil or fluid greases up to NLGI-0. The complete series contains a variety of different pump types which are preferably used for precise lubrication, like with chain lubrication.

BEKA K-Series - Multi-Line Lubrication

  • Working principle

    All pumps within the K-Series range are electromagnetically driven. When actuating the magnet, a supply stroke is affected by the piston via the pressure pin and pressure plate inside the pump. Oil or fluid grease is sucked from the reservoir into the metering chambers and pushed into the lines to the lubrication points.

    System overview

    Lubrication systems in the K-Series can be equipped with a plastic reservoir with different capacities, ranging from 0,08 to 4,2 liter. Also, a separate reservoir can be placed on the pump via a separate fitting.

    Level monitoring
    For all pumps with reservoir a level monitoring is optional.

    Pump outlets
    Most pumps within the K-Series are available with 1 up to 6 outlets. Each outlet has an output of either 0,025; 0,040 or 0,10 cm³ per stroke. 

    The K-600PX pumps have 6 outlets as a standard and an output of 0,025 cm3 per stroke and outlet. The special design of the K-600PX enables the possibility to change the number of outlets easily

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