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In addition to its well-known automatic lubrication systems, Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions supplies centralization systems for the most diverse applications, for ex-factory assembly as well as for the aftermarket. The centralization systems are characterized by unique corrosion resistant distribution blocks, sturdy secondary lines, professional assembly and a seamless integration into the application.

  • Major time-saving compared to fully manual lubrication
  • Optimal adjustment of grease delivery per lubrication point
  • Meets the legal requirement of having no lubrication points at great heights.

Divider Blocks

The progressive divider blocks stand out because of their unique quality and combination possibilities. This allows exactly the right system to be assembled for each and every application, where each lubrication point always receives the correct amount of grease. Not too little, preventing metallic contact (and causing disturbing sounds), excessive wear and unexpected downtime. And certainly not too much, because waste and environmental pollution have no place in a good business practice.

For its progressive systems, Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions provides anti-corrosive divider blocks with a high quality zinc-nickel coating. This treatment withstands a 720-hour salt-spray test and thus offers the best possible protection against corrosion

System Overview

The centralisation system consists of the following components:

Filler coupling

Primary grease lines between the filler coupling and the divider blocks and between the main divider block and the other divider blocks

Main divider block

One or more divider blocks (composed of different dosing segments)

Secondary lines to the individual lubrication points.

Divider Blocks - Centalization

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