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The Filtakleen is an ultra-fine 1 micron bypass filtration system. It is suitable for use with a wide range of equipment and provides the best possible filtration protection against system wear, oil degradation, rust and corrosion.


Working in conjunction with the equipment's full flow filter, the Filtakleen by-pass filter removes any particles in the oil that are likely to cause system damage. The Filtakleen filters the oil in the system several times an hour, so the system continuously receives clean oil.


    • The by-pass filter is designed to be used in conjunction with the main in-line-filter. The system continuously filters a percentage of the oil, typically 10%, in the circuit which means it is able to provide additional filtration to a much finer tolerance than the in-line filter. This greatly prolongs the life of both the oil and the main filter.

      This durable filter is manufactured as a one piece aluminium anodised body which is powder coated, making it suitable for all environments. The lid is secured by a single high tensile bolt which makes lid removal and filter changing quick and easy. The quad ring seal on the lid ensures a leak proof filter.

      The filter cartridge is made from a cellulose fibre based tissue of pure pulp, around a cardboard core. The cartridge is housed in a nylon stocking with an impressed brass ring to facilitate cartridge removal. The filter housing is fitted using an adjustable mounting bracket, which offers the installer a wide range of filter positions and fixing points. The filter is capable of filtering all types of oils with a viscosity range of 9-220cst. It is also suitable for use with other mediums such as bio fuels and dielectric fluid.

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