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Modular obstacle detection and camera system


Obstacle detection system


Greensight is an ultrasonic obstacle detection system and camera system (or combination of both). The implementation of ultrasound allows the system to detect obstacles in pre-set zones.  The system can be expanded with sensors on the side or top of the equipment. As soon as an object or person is detected, the system warns the operator with an acoustic signal. With the optional Smart alarm, the person in the detection zone will also be warned.



Camera system



The Greensight CMOS camera is available with viewing angles of 104° or 116° with a normal or reflected image.  It can be used for many applications: front or side view camera on trucks and buses, rear-end of trucks, earthmoving equipment and forklift trucks.  The gas-filled camera has a black, anodised aluminum casing for a guaranteed long lifespan and can be supplied with an L- or U-shaped bracket.

Greensight Ultrasonic

  • 1. Control unit

    The control unit is the core of each Greensight system. For smaller systems Groeneveld supplies a control unit with six connections, and for larger systems a control unit with 15 connections is available. On this basis, each system can be built up modularly.

    2. Sensors

    The basic components of the Greensight detection system are the two sensors on the rear of the vehicle. The sensors detect objects that have a diameter larger than 75 mm. The in-cab display warns the driver or operator through light and acoustic signals.

    3. Additional sensors

    To expand the obstacle detection system, sensors are available to mount on top or on the sides of the vehicle. This increases the detection area of the vehicle even further.

    4. Camera system

    The obstacle detection system can be expanded with the Groeneveld camera system, which can also work independently.

    5. Smart alarm

    The Greensight ultrasonic safety system warns the driver through acoustic and light signals. By expanding the system with the Smart alarm, people close to the vehicle are also warned as soon as Greensight observes them or an obstacle. Only then the smart alarm is being activated; it is not standard while reversing. Thus an acoustic signal is given only when it is necessary, warning bystanders to stay alert. The volume of the Smart alarm is automatically adapted to the amount of noise in the area.

    System overview

    The Greensight system can be set up modularly.  It is an integrated solution that can be adapted to applications like reach stackers and terminal tractors: detection areas can be adjusted after the equipment is put into operation.

    All of the components shown below can be individually connected to the control unit.

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