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Simple, multiplied


  • The GM is a straightforward and effective system for multi line greasing. Lubrication lines run directly from the pump to the individual lubrication points, making installation convenient.

    This newly developed lubrication pump has been designed for easy service and exchange of sealed for life components. Adjusting the system to the lubrication needs and upgrading the system, as well as servicing the system, will be easy due to the modular concept.

    The right type of system for every application

    The modular concept of the GM pump makes it possible to tailor made the system to the machine requirements. Automatic lubrication will be beneficially for every application. Nonetheless in some situations a basic system without advanced control possibilities will do the trick. The GM pump makes it possible to select the perfect system for your situation. And when the situation changes, the system can change alongside.

Groeneveld-BEKA GM - Multi-Line Lubrication

  • System overview

    1. Top module: the top cover

    The top cover comes in 2 versions, the GMA and the GMA+. The GMA is delivered without a control unit, where the GMA+ comes with a control unit as a standard. 

    The control unit allows the user to set the grease interval or the pump via the display and touch pads on the integrated PCA display.

    Both GMA and GMA+ versions include the gearmotor and the main connector.

    2. Oil refilling inlet

    At the top of the pump a refilling tube is installed to refill the reservoir with oil.

    3. Paddle blade

    The reservoir is equipped with a paddle blade which is directly connected to the gear motor. The rotation of the paddle blade minimizes air pockets and grease separation in the reservoir.

    4. Central module: the reservoir

    The GMA is available with different reservoir volumes: 2, 3 or 5 liters.

    5. Lower module: the pumping element outlets

    The GM is available with 3 different number of outlets, with possibility to use up to 18, 36 or 72 outlets. There are 6 different pumping elements with push to fit connectors available with varying outputs. The push to fit connection provides an easy installation of the lubrication lines.

    If an outlet is not required, it can easily be covered with a blanking plug.

    6. Grease refilling inlet

    At the bottom of the pump a refilling inlet in installed to refill the reservoir with grease. This inlet avoids the possibility of air entrapment of the grease.

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