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All-in-one kit designed for self install on light industrial applications


MultiLine SFi self-fit industrial kit enables the use of automatic lubrication on conveyor belts, bearings, chains and gears. The simple-to-install kit it comes in a single box with everything you need for most light industrial applications. Simple. Multiplied.

Groeneveld MultiLine SFi - Multi-Line Lubrication

    • The Multiline SFi kit contains everything you need for the installation: injectors, tubing, connectors, adapters, Quick Install guide and Instruction Manual.  One hour is needed to install the pump and 15 minutes per lubrication point.  This universal kit is easily adaptable to the number of lubrication points on the equipment: simply disconnect the excess feed line and injector from the pump and replace it with a spare blank plug supplied in the kit.

      How it works

      From the integrated manifold, grease lines go directly to the lubrication points.  The timer activates the pump, which pumps the grease to the points.  The amount of grease dispensed per pump activation and the number of pump activations per period are preset according to the grease demand of the industrial application.

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