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Progressive NLGI-2 automatic lubrication system


TriPlus is a unique progressive lubrication system that offers the possibility of three independently operating circuits. It is the ultimate solution for machines and vehicles which have different components requiring different lubrication, such as wheeled excavators, cement pumps or mixers and backhoe loaders.

Groeneveld Tri-Plus - Progressive Lubrication

    • Follower plate

      TriPlus includes a follower plate to ensure that grease in the reservoir is isolated from the outside air (preventing oxidation/ageing of the grease). Dirt, dust and water are also kept out to prevent contamination. The follower plate keeps the reservoir clean so that grease levels stay visible and UV radiation will have less effect.

      Three lubrication circuits

      The TriPlus has three lubrication circuits that can be programmed and operate independently. This is an ideal solution for backhoe loaders in situations where the front of the machine doesn't need to be lubricated, when the rear excavation arm is being used. This prevents the unnecessary lubrication of components that are not moving. Other examples are the undercarriage and crane assembly of a mobile excavator (or a truck chassis and a cement mixer/pump body).

      Convenient Control unit

      TriPlus includes an electronic control unit, with a real-timer clock and memory so each lubrication circuit receives the programmed amount of grease. Settings can be adjusted for changing work conditions. The convenient in-cab display allows the operator to check the system's operation: the comprehensive diagnosis makes maintenance simple and allows for remote assistance. The readable memory makes it easy to assess the system’s past functioning, such as the timely refilling of the grease reservoir.


      Temperature can have a major effect on how well grease can be pumped and delivery can fluctuate considerably. This does not apply to the TriPlus, as the grease output is measured based on the actual number of pump revolutions, allowing for the exact pre-set amount of grease to be delivered.

      Divider blocks

      Groeneveld-BEKA's progressive divider blocks have a unique quality and many combination possibilities that can be customized for each application so that each lubrication point always receives the required amount of grease.  This reduces excessive wear and unexpected downtime. 

      This system includes anti-corrosive divider blocks with a high quality zinc-nickel coating. This product withstands a 720-hour salt-spray test and offers the best possible protection against corrosion.

      System overview


      The TriPlus automatic lubrication system consists of the following components:

      An electric pump (plunger pump).

      Primary grease lines between the pump and the divider blocks and between the divider blocks themselves.

      Main divider block.

      One or more divider blocks (composed of various metering segments).

      Grease lines to the lubrication points.

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