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Parallel NLGI-2 heavy-duty automatic lubrication system


  • Twin is designed for the most demanding applications with many lubrication points or long line lengths, extreme temperatures and where system reliability is crucial. This product offers great benefits and can contribute to an excellent return on investment.

Groeneveld Twin - Dual Line Lubrication

  • Follower plate

    The pump is equipped with a follower plate and ensures that all the grease is used and that there is no funneling effect. The grease is isolated from dirt, dust and water. The ageing process of the grease is slowed down and UV radiation has less effect (biodegradable grease can also be used). The follower plate will ensure that the reservoir wall will remain clean, so that it is easy to check the grease level.

    Secondary lines

    Secondary lines create the connection between the metering units and lubrication points (flexible hoses/strong steel pipes).

    Control unit

    The pump has an integrated electronic control unit with internal memory, real-timer clock and a Direct connection to the machine's CAN-bus.

    In-cab display

    In order to check the operation of the system, the driver or operator does not have to leave the cabin (Error messages are displayed on the in-cab display).  In addition to extra comfort for the operator or driver, this also means that error messages are noticed immediately (The in-cab display provides error codes to diagnose the system quickly).

    System overview

    A Twin automatic lubrication system consists of the following components:

    • Pump unit 
    • Grease line A
    • Grease line B
    • Distribution block
    • Metering units
    • Pressure switch
    • Grease lines from the metering units to the individual lubrication points

    Metering units and distribution blocks

    Thanks to the wide range of metering units (13 types with an output between 0.025 and 4.0 cc), each lubrication point will get exactly the pre-set correct amount of grease. By default, both the metering units and distribution blocks are made of solid brass.

     Stainless steel metering units and distribution blocks

    The unique Groeneveld-BEKA metering units and distribution blocks are also available in stainless steel.

    A Twin system consists of a robust plunger pump, two main lines to the distribution blocks with metering units and secondary lines going to the individual lubrication points. The grease is pumped to distribution blocks via a double main line network. The metering units supply grease to each lubrication point.  The pump switches off once the pressure in the entire system is at least 100 bar for grease to be consistently provided to each lubrication point, regardless of counter-pressure, temperature or grease viscosity.

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