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Based in Finland, NORDIC LIGHTS® is a leading global supplier of heavy duty work lights. They have chosen Brigade Electronics as their master distributor for the UK aftermarket based on our industry experience, expertise of local markets and our nationwide sales network.

NORDIC LIGHTS® is the chosen brand of work lights for many of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy duty machinery including Caterpillar, Terex and Sandvik. Their reputation is renowned for quality and reliability supported by superior levels of product testing. NORDIC LIGHTS® has a state-of-the-art-in-house testing laboratory. Every produced lamp is tested for over ten hours before being shipped. Extensive testing includes; lumen output, light distribution, vibration, shock, dust humidity and exposure to heat and cold to achieve international standards.

The new LED range from NORDIC LIGHTS® are brighter and stronger than other products and handle vibration better making them ideal for heavy duty applications.




  • Energy efficient low power consumption (- 85% compared to other light sources).
  • Compact & directional providing design flexibility & no wasted light.
  • Unaffected by switching cycles.
  • Natural colour temperature (“Daylight”) which is easier on the eyes & results in better, more productive working conditions.
  • Very long lifetime compared to other light sources (50,000+ hours).
  • Maintenance free. No bulb replacement results in less machine down time & lower maintenance costs.
  • Rugged. No vulnerable filament. Lamps can take extreme abuse.
  • Starts instantly (Nanoseconds versus minutes – HID).
  • Environmentally sound. No hazardous substances (lead/mercury).
  • Very wide operational temperature range.


Which light do you need?


To assist in the selection of devices to suit your lighting needs, the table below compares the key
features of Halogen and LED light sources.


Suitable for a variety of application Nordic Lights LED range is a recommended investment, providing long lasting, energy efficient and maintenance free lighting solutions.

Nordic Lights

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