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  • Groeneveld-BEKA supplies the standard Oilmaster for combustion engines in buses, trucks, generator sets, earthmoving and construction equipment and many other applications.  For more demanding applications and larger engines, Groeneveld has developed the Heavy Duty Oilmaster, with a 15 litre aluminum tank. The Oilmaster HD is an excellent oil management solution for heavy dump trucks, large earthmoving machines, port equipment and ships.


  • Always sufficient oil in the engine


  • The Oilmaster ensures that there will always be sufficient oil in the engine. A key benefit of this is the increased operational reliability with reduced risk of engine damage caused by too low/high oil levels. In addition, the system prevents overfilling, which could damage the exhaust aftertreatment system.


  • Reduced environmental impact

    The Oilmaster prevents increased fuel and oil consumption as a result of overfilling. This will also prevent an increased emission of harmful substances.  

Oilmaster HD

  • The Oilmaster HD oil management system consists of the following components:

    • Oil reservoir
    • Pump unit
    • Control light
    • Sump plug
    • Oil level sensor

    Reliable operation

    The oil level in the engine is measured with a sensor. If the oil level drops below a set value, the Oilmaster will automatically fill the engine with half a litre of oil. Information about the amount of oil added is stored in the internal memory and can be used to perform preventive maintenance.

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