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Product Description


The RapidPair™ software and companion USB dongle allows the user to configure, maintain, and monitor the SCAN~LINK Armour System™. RapidPair™ provides a visual means to quickly pair devices together by forming a connection between devices that are required to communicate with each other. Devices that can be paired together are found by RapidPair™ and displayed on the screen. The software allows for the pairing and configuration of both the SCAN~LINK Antenna and Display Units, as well as for configuration of the SCAN~LINK Tag Health Tester.


RapidPair™ is used to retrieve important and valuable operating data that the SCAN~LINK Armour™ Antennas collect in their internal logs.


The data collected from a SCAN~LINK equipped vehicle includes:

  • number of detections
  • time and date of detection
  • apparel type and tag type



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