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Product Description


The Tag Health Tester is an integral part of the SCAN~LINK platform that provides an easy and convenient way to test the RFID tags in SCAN~LINK apparel. The Tag Health Tester verifies that all the tags are present and functioning properly to confirm that the apparel is in good working order.
A USB interface allows the Tag Health Tester to be interfaced to a PC so the Tester can also be used to assign specific items of SCAN~LINK apparel to individual employees or visitors. By cross-referencing the apparel IDs in the Antenna data logs with the assigned apparel, it is possible to see who was detected and by which SCAN~LINK Antenna.

Testing the apparel with the standard SCAN~LINK Antenna can only confirm that at least one tag is being detected. Using a Tag Health Tester confirms the overall health and the exact number of functioning tags.



Tag Health Tester


The Tag Health Tester allows workers to easily and conveniently test the health of the RFID tags in their Vests and Hard Hats. It also allows for the assignment of apparel ID to employees.
PC Connection: USB-A Male
Case: Black Pelican
Temperature Range: -20°C – +50°C / -4°F – +122°F



Tag Health Tester

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